Join the Boulder Clothing Shirt Club today and you’ll get authentic t-shirts from the world’s best cannabis related businesses, dispensary locations/destinations or our own company designs delivered right to your door each month!

How Does the Boulder Clothing Shirt Club Work?

Each month, Boulder Clothing unveils a new shirt featuring a top-rated cannabis related business, dispensary or our own unique cannabis designs. One month’s shirt might be from Colorado, the next from Oregon or Canada, but all of our shirts represent some of the top cannabis related businesses, dispensary locations or our own unique designs! The first week of the month, that month’s new shirt is shipped exclusively to Boulder Clothing members, That shirt then becomes a collector’s item!!! You become one cool customer.slide(page)1a

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Each month, Boulder Clothing Shirt Club members will get a new t-shirt as well as some unique swag!!! Also, information behind the cannabis business featured that month.– Sometimes some of their swag as well. No long-term obligation is required – join as a monthly member and stay as long as you like.You can cancel at any time on monthly memberships.

What are the shirts like?

UntlittlegreentAll of our t-shirts are custom designed and printed by Boulder Clothing Shirt Club in the U.S.A.
littlepurpletto ensure consistent quality and fit. We do like to mix it up a bit, so our t-shirts come in lots of colors and styles.
littlepinktWe use only the highest quality 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirts that will keep the fit consistent every month.  As long as you stay the same size, so will your t-shirts!


How much to join?

The Boulder Clothing Shirt Club is only $30 a month, which INCLUDES shipping. The only extra charges are for XX-Large or XXX-Large shirts, or international shipping.No long term commitment is necessary…you can join for one month, three months, six months or a year.The Boulder Clothing Shirt Club offers two great ways to become a member – Month-to Month and Pre-Paid Memberships:Month-to-Month Membership: $30 a month. Stay a member for as long as you like – your credit card will be automatically charged around the first of each month – but you can cancel at any time so no long-term obligation is required.

Pre-Paid Memberships:
o 3 Month: $90
o 6 Month: $180 – includes one bonus shirt! (7 shirts total)
o 12 Month: $330 – includes 2 bonus shirts (14 shirts total)  *ask about our sock bonus instead of shirts.

With all memberships, XX-Large and XXX-Large shirts are an additional $4.50 per month.

Shipping to customers in the United States is included. International shipping is available for $7.50 extra per month to customers in North America (Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America).



3 Months Membership
  • 3 Months basic membership, with news updates & new t-shirts hot off the press.
  • New t-shirt designs each month.
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9 Months Membership
  • 12 Months premium membership, with news updates & new t-shirts hot off the press.
  • New t-shirt designs each month.
  • 1 Free shirt each month.
  • 1 Free accessory each month.
  • Access to monthly gift raffle.
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How are the shirts shipped?

The shirts are shipped by the U.S. Postal Service, and shipping is FREE to all customers in the continental U.S. International customers in North America are welcome, but shipping will be $7.50 extra per month.

Who makes the grade with The Boulder Clothing Shirt Club Family?

The Boulder Clothing Shirt Club creates its own unique designs specific to the cannabis industry as well as explore the world’s cannabis destinations to find the best and most unique cannabis companies, top rated dispensaries and colorful personalities in the cannabis industry.  You’re not going to find any no-name /second-rate businesses here. These cannabis companies not only know cannabis, but they also have some great stories to tell- sometimes some great swag to give out as well. We don’t care if they are the biggest operation in town with the largest grows etc…We only care that they have a great reputation and believe us — actions speaks louder than words!! Basically, we go to the top cannabis related destinations around the world and look for superior businesses with cool names, unique products and great reputations…then design really cool t-shirts that our members are proud to wear. Boulder Clothing Company creates its own unique designs inspired by the cannabis industry to offer at a fair price for everyone   

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We are proud to be able to offer a unique t-shirt program. Every month we will produce a highly custom and very limited edition design. The design will be reproduced by silk screen printing on high quality material, typically manufactured in the U.S. This very unique custom offering can be UN-subscribed for at any time! Making it the perfect gift as well.



As the states legalize marijuana, we wish to commemorate the evolution of legal pot by offering very rare state by state commemorative t-shirts! Join the movement and offer your support by grabbing a few t-s that show your LIKE MINDEDNESS.



A very unique custom offering for our wholesale clients! Our famous “Doobie Box” is a counter top disply with 24 individually wrapped t-shirts in the form of a giant joint. Very popular with our retailer clients and individual buyers as well.

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